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The J and J tailwheel is machined from a solid piece of Aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum billet. Utilizing the latest 5-axis CNC machining technology we are able to produce a modular tailwheel to exacting specifications. This tailwheel is bullet proof, there is very little to fail, and it requires little to no maintenance.

Pre-assembled (with loctite) includes plastic mounting brackets, springs, and 1.5" DUBRO tailwheel. Direct Drive unit comes with section of wire instead of springs.

Both tailwheels use .250 inch Grade 5 6AL-4V titanium wire in a “haigh style” arrangement. We believe this is the lightest and strongest solution for your 35%-42% airplane, some carbon leaf setups can experience delamination over time or during less than perfect landings.The 1/8" titanium axle has a flat spot ground on it that a 4-40 set screw sets in. Making it impossible for the wheel to fall off, but easy to replace if needed. This setup is by far the best looking option for a round bottom composite airplane such as Composite-Arf Yaks and Extra 260s. Flat leaf springs just don't look or fit right. Additionally, everyone loves billet, and when you spend big bucks on a composite airplane you want the best looking and best performing equipment you can buy.

The holes on the arms are drilled and ready to be tapped for 4-40 for those of you who would like to put ball links on rather than loop the wires/springs through the holes.

The direct drive Assembly does not include springs but does include .078" Music Wire for running through an eyelet or ball-link (not included)  attached to the bottom of the rudder.

The assembly is modular and utilizes Super Oilite maintenance free bushings that can be replaced with other bushings or spacers to accommodate other wire sizes or screws so that it can be attached to carbon fiber leaf spring type tailwheels (already tested with the Pete Model Carbon leaf spring using a 6-32 screw and spacer that fits in the existing bushings).

In addition to being of the highest quality and flexibility the tailwheel is extremely light:


Traditional Tailwheel with With a 1.5” Dubro wheel: 2.9 oz



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Carbon Fiber Tailwheels: